Clara Bow Letter

Clara Bow’s touching letter to Brewster Publications, Inc, which appeared in the January 1922 issue of Motion Picture Magazine.


I want to thank all those in the Brewster Publications, Inc, who have been responsible for the kind treatment and many efforts in my behalf, from the day of my entrance into the Fame and Fortune Contest of 1921 up until the present time, and also for the beautiful outfit, which they so kindly presented me with. Everyone thinks the outfit beautiful, and is so very becoming, thanks to the taste of Mrs Gleason and Miss Palmer.

Now, about my future. I hope that everything you credit me with will prove true, and that all your hopes and expectations will also do the same. I hope that with the proper training I will grow into a good actress, worthy of the Brewster Publications’ help, and hope that some day Mr Brewster and the rest will be proud of me and my work. I intend to work very hard and try and perform the smallest role that is given to me to the best of my ability.

I thought that writing to you would be better than trying to get an interview. In any business matters, I hope to rely upon your judgement, as I am inexperienced in that direction.

Feeling that I have said all I wish to say, I will close, with much appreciation and thanks to the Brewster Publications, Inc.

I am, Yours sincerely,

Clara G. Bow

“A portrait of Miss Bow, (aged sixteen) photographed by Lumiere, N.Y.”

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