Rita Hayworth


📸 Margarita Cansino in 1931 (Kobal Collection). Later, as Rita Hayworth, she said, “I developed a burning ambition – as only a too-fat seventeen-year-old can burn – to become a good actress.”

“He was tormented, possessive, insecure…a genius, crazy like a horse, and a marvellous man, completely unaware of reality.” – Rita Hayworth on Orson Welles.

“My parents were living in a theatrical hotel in New York when I was born, which perhaps made me a vaudeville veteran at birth.” – Rita Hayworth.

📸 Rita Hayworth as a Spanish gypsy in The Loves of Carmen, 1948.

“I wanted to break into movies, but I didn’t know how. I saw a director looking at me and heard him say to an assistant, ‘It’s too bad she doesn’t speak English.’

I went up to him and said, ‘Mister, I’m trying to learn Spanish.’

You should have seen the blank look on his face.” – Rita Hayworth.

📸 Rita (centre) with the Dancing Cansinos (Kobal Collection).

1920s – 1960s