The Rushes #2

Snippets from our research this week, which we trust you will find interesting.

Jeanne Crain (1925 – 2003)

At the height of her stardom in the late 1940s and early 1950s, Crain was known as “Hollywood’s Number One Party Girl”. She stated that she was invited to at least 200 parties a year.

Photoplay, February 1934 “No, Hollywood isn’t a nudist colony. It still clings to three sequins & half an ounce of chiffon. Every screen musical is loaded with slightly clad beauty. And it’s not only the chorus girls who have been revealing their charms. The stars are doing it too!”

“On August 10, 1933, we took our vows. I wore a black and white print dress and carried a bouquet of white orchids. From that moment, I realised that (Fritz) Mandl was obsessed with ownership. He had not married me, he had collected me, exactly like a business prize.” – Hedy Lamarr.

Boris Karloff with make-up technician Jack Pierce. To create the Frankenstein look, Pierce applied multiple layers of cotton and collodion to Karloff’s face. Green greasepaint made his face appear pale when filmed in black and white.

Studio Gossip, 1931. “Dorothy Burgess, who makes her living playing señoritas with trick accents, witness In Old Arizona and Lasca of the Rio Grande, cannot speak Spanish.”

In 1932, Dorothy was charged with manslaughter following an auto accident in which she was driving. She was also sued, but the case was settled out of court.

Studio Gossip, 1931. “Looks like Joan Crawford will just have to have a baby to satisfy Hollywood rumours. Ever since she married Doug (Fairbanks) Jr, Joan has been reported ‘expecting’. But it isn’t true. At least Joan says so, and she ought to know!”

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